Organisation Overview & Sponsors

We serve to acquire and disseminate knowledge to the public.

The National Foundation of Digestive Diseases (NFDD) serves to acquire and disseminate knowledge to the public concerning:

  1. The functions of the digestive system (the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and the pancreas)
  2. The causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the digestive system

Vision and Mission

01 .

To support research programmes on diseases of the digestive system, with emphasis on disorders, which are common in the region.

02 .

To liaise with other national and international bodies with similar objects and activities.

03 .

To campaign for, receive, hold and apply funds, gifts, bequests and endowments or the proceeds thereform, to any of the purposes described in these objects.

04 .

To recommend and to assist in the formulation of legislation for the care of those suffering from diseases of the digestive system.