Showcase NFDD Day 2023

The 33rd National Digestive Diseases Foundation’s “NFDD Day 203” public symposium was held at Changi General Hospital on November 4, 2023, with over 400 guests in attendance.


Specialists in the field, including gastroenterologists and dietitians spoke about common gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, helping the attendees to improve their undestanding dispelling common myths and misconceptions.


We would like to thank all the guests for their participation, the specialists for sharing their invaluble knowledge, and volunteers for their behind the scenes work. Our appreciation also goes to all the sponsors for their support in contributing towards a meaningful NFDD day.


第33届国家消化疾病基金会主办的 “NFDD Day”公开座谈会,于2023年11月4日在樟宜综合医院举行,有超过400多名来宾参加。


这天,多位肠胃专科医生,营养师, 为大家讲述了一些常见的肠胃问题 (包括腹部胀气、便秘、和腹泻),帮助大家增长健康知识。