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The simple placement of your app windows when you work on a computer can go a long way towards either improving or impairing your productivity.
That's why window managers are a thing – those apps that help you better control the placement and appearance of windows.
Even though there are tons of window managers out there (and most of them are actually pretty good), there's no one perfect solution. Be that as it may, Snap Screen, a Microsoft Store window manager, comes remarkably close.
Core features overload
Why is Snap Screen so good? Well, for starters, it's an app designed exclusively for Windows 10, and you can feel that from the first seconds you launch it.
The app looks modern, and every press of the button or action feels smooth as butter. Then there's the fact that it bundles a lot of useful features.
It bundles a series of well-designed la layouts for you to choose from, but it also provides you with the option to build your very own. Not only that but since the app is designed to work with multiple screens (even with different DPI and taskbar positions), you can choose different snapping layouts for all your screens.
These layouts can be fully customized via a series of color themes (the overlay color and the highlight color), and you can also tweak aspects such as opacity, border thickness, and border color.
Ultimate control for your windows
Usually, most window managers tend to get in your way in one form or another, especially the ones that rely on layouts. Conversely, Snap Screen allows you to disable the snapping function for full-screen apps (and games).
Better yet, you can add various apps to the exclusion list, so that you don't have to disable or shut down the app when you want a bit more flexibility with your window placement.
Even though the features mentioned above are enough to make Snap Screen a window manager, by far the most impressive aspects of the app are its movement customization options for dragging actions.
For example, you can use your mouse to snap a window in place (based on your current layout), or you can turn this function altogether (and rely only on your keyboard). You can also tweak the delay time required for the snap action, as well as choose which mouse button you can use for this particular task.
Of course, the same applies to the keyboard as you turn the snapping function via the keyboard on or off. You can also fully customize the controls for various actions. For example, Snap Screen allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts for starting and stopping the snap screen function, as well as for cycling through layouts for active screens.
Sure, there may be situations where another app is more suitable for your needs. However, it would be really difficult to find it, especially considering the sheer number of features Snap Screen provides.


DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Snap Screen Full Version X64 Latest

Easy placement of windows on multiple screens

Gets rid of the Windows taskbar when snapped

Has multiple layouts

Optimized to work with multiple screens

Customizable settings and layouts

Customize the layout with your own color themes

Placement and properties for resized windows

Placement for full-screen apps

Performance improvements and overall speed

Ability to snap in different locations on your screen

Ability to exclude specific apps from snapping in place

Ability to switch between window layouts

Automatic snapping to screen edges

Very customizable hotkeys and snapping actions

Configurable keyboard shortcuts

System requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1

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More about Snap Screen:

Snap Screen is not as well-known as other applications in the Window Manager category. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean Snap Screen is bad. It’s a reasonably priced, powerful application that works incredibly well and it’s a great addition to your toolkit.
But, Snap Screen is not for everyone. Let’s look at what it does.
The app is designed with the Windows 10 environment in mind. That’s one of its biggest assets, as it keeps you in your optimal environment without much trouble.
If you’re used to the environment that came with Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1, then this is going to be a real breath of fresh air.
In fact, Snap Screen feels more like a high-level application than an app for Window Manager and you’ll feel right at home when you launch it. It’s well-optimized, as you’ll notice right away.
The layout for Snap Screen is still one of the best you’ll find for Windows 10. It’s very customizable and it gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a layout you like.
However, you can’t choose any of the standard Windows 10 layouts. They are all Microsoft created, and not all of them are available in Snap Screen.
Snap Screen Screenshot:

The app feels great to use. It’s actually one of the few window managers that feel as smooth and snappy as the Windows 10 desktop itself. On top of that, the app is pretty much the default for Snap Screen.
A few other Windows Store apps also

Snap Screen

Description: A set of macros in Visual Studio that perform various tasks using the keyboard (for example, creating a new file, creating a table, and so on). In short, they let you take advantage of the keyboard to automate repetitive tasks on your computer.

Diverters do just what they say on the box – they divert some of your screen space away from apps that aren’t on the active screen.
As an added bonus, Windows 10’s All Apps mode can increase the number of screens by 20%, which means that you’ll have more pixels to use.
The top screen in the example shown above shows the basic settings for the Diverter in action. You can adjust how much area Diverter will display, how often it checks for a new screen to display, as well as how often it removes the active screen from the display (with the All Apps mode on).

Powerful keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts are powerful productivity tools when used correctly, and the settings for WindowPowerShell are among the best keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10.
In any case, if you want to use the keyboard to do more than just productivity tricks, you can customize your key bindings. And since the settings are saved, you can rely on them even when you log off or reboot your computer.
Right-click on the Start button and select All apps to see your current key bindings. You can customize them using the Keybinding app, which is also a default feature in Windows 10.
You can also get to the Keyboard settings from Settings > System > Devices > Keyboard.

They’re there, they work. If you’re used to the older way of doing things, the might seem a bit counterintuitive. But it’s what the Windows 10 OS is about.
What’s great about that though is that Windows 10 can adapt to your workflow, so you can use the functions that you find most useful, without actually having to change your habits.
So let’s jump into the settings for WindowPowerShell. As mentioned, this app is designed to do more than just shortcut your way around Windows 10. You can also control specific Windows 10 apps using keyboard shortcuts, and there are some that are downright useful (like opening Settings in specific apps).
But don’t think of the following as mere convenience functions. As said, they’re there to make your experience more productive.

You can simply open the Windows 10 shell by pressing Windows+G.
Or if you prefer, the More options will also provide

Snap Screen Activation Code With Keygen For Windows [Latest 2022]

Snap Screen gives you control over your taskbar. You can switch
layouts in seconds and create your own using the built-in blank or
colorful themes.
Compatible With:
Windows 10 (64-bit only)

You can download Snap Screen (for free) from the Microsoft Store.


I tried 1 other solution and it’s really a good one:

Alt-Tab then click on the program you want to move
To move it to the right: Alt-Tab and click on the program again
To move it to the left: press SHIFT twice

That’s it.


Try to install it and try the key combination that works for you. It has a list of keybindings for the various actions you can perform on a window.

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What’s New In Snap Screen?

Simple, powerful, easy to use and customize, Snap Screen is the ultimate solution for those who want to control window placement.

Snap Desktop

Snap Desktop is a free and open-source utility designed for Windows users to easily manage, arrange and set up the windows in a desktop. It supports system-wide or per application snapping, window tiling, window resizing, moving and many other features.

FREE Download

Snap Desktop is a free and open-source utility designed for Windows users to easily manage, arrange and set up the windows in a desktop. It supports system-wide or per application snapping, window tiling, window resizing, moving and many other features.


Snaps, tiling and resizing

Setting up your desktop the way you like is much easier with Snap Desktop, as the app is designed to make it very simple to set up your layout. It supports system-wide or per application snapping, window tiling, window resizing, moving and many other features.

A powerful tool for Windows

If you have a computer that doesn’t have a built-in screen, you can use any kind of additional screen with Snap Desktop. For example, you can use a digital photo frame, a simple web camera or even a smartphone.

Learn more

You can easily add other toolbars to the app, and the app comes with its own set of commands and tools.

Learn more

Add and remove windows in Snap Desktop with drag and drop, control the placement of windows with snaps and tiling, resize and reposition windows with resizing, move and resize windows with moving and so on.

Simple, powerful, easy to use and customize

The app has been designed to be very intuitive to use, and it works with just one click. The app supports easy and fast customization, and you can do this without even needing to modify the source code.

Set up layouts, windows, toolbars and shortcuts

Snap Desktop supports system-wide or per application layouts, as well as both system-wide and per application toolbars.

Get started

If you want to get started, all you need to do is install Snap Desktop. You can download Snap Desktop from here.

SnapDesktop is a free application. To get a free version of SnapDesktop, you need to be a Windows user and do not need to download it or install it. This is the full version of SnapDesktop for free. SnapDesktop has been downloaded 855 times and has been rated 4.4 out of 5. If you want to get a full version of SnapDesktop with unlimited time and unlimited size, we recommend you to purchase SnapDesktop.

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System Requirements For Snap Screen:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5-2500K, i7-2600K, i7-3770
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 700 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Due to the number of steps and required items to play, please allow additional time for your download.
We recommend playing in 1080p unless otherwise noted.
Console: Xbox One

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